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From the Sea to
the highest mountains

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Ultra Skyrunning Madeira

From the seas to the highest mountain

Ultra Skyrunning Madeira (USM) is an event made up of five races, where Madeira Sky Race (MSR) stands out, which in 2016 reached the highest level of world Skyrunning, integrating the Skyrunner® World Series of the ISF -International Skyrunning Federation. The Ultra Skyrunning Madeira takes place in Santana, a municipality in the north of the island of Madeira, recognized since 2011, as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.



High performance sportswear should do more than simply be worn. Our apparel is designed and engineered to improve performance. The creation and integration of brand new high performance and sustainable technologies is what sets our clothing apart.

Research and Testing

We test all of our garments and fabrics with elite athletes across many disciplines.
We constantly seek feedback from people who train, compete, and live in places from the freezing winter temperatures of Northern Europe to the heat and humidity of East Asia. This is a vital part of our process, helping us stay ahead of the game and continue creating the highest-performing sportswear in the world. 


We design, manufacture and engineer everything about our fabrics.

We hand select the fibres, focussing on the details – the shape of each individual fibre, the source of the recycled materials they are made of, what sort of dyeing process is required to give colour, and much, much more.